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90-Day Storage Terms and Conditions
Effective 9/1/2021

All firearm purchases are subject to these terms and conditions

  • Firearms must be picked up within 90 days of the original purchase date, including transfers

  • Any firearm left unclaimed for longer than 90 days, will incur a $20/month storage fee, including deficient requests

  • We regret that under no circumstances will a firearm be stored longer than 180 days

  • After 180 days, a registered letter will be mailed informing you that the firearm will be sold unless it's picked up, and storage fees paid, within 30 days

  • After those 30 days, the firearm will be considered abandoned and returned to inventory for resale



If, within the 90 days of storage, you change your mind and no longer want the firearm, all substitutions or returns, will be subject to a $75 restocking fee.

It is your responsibility to communicate with us regarding your stored firearm!


The Arsenal Gun Shop reserves the right to modify our storage policy at any time.

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